Miraculous City

Miraculous City Imagery Proposed Piano Projection

Miraculous City, a site-specific piano and video projection performance takes place at the Illuminus Festival tomorrow night in Boston’s South End. It’s been a great experience collaborating on this with Elizabeth Schumann, Dan Pecci, and Karen Stein. Elizabeth has even written a brand new composition for the piece. I can’t wait to see the piano and video come together in the stunning old power station building.

In the Boston Globe: “‘Illuminus’ lights up SoWa with artful projections”

L-system Sketch

Length changing leaf angle 45, line length 1, starting width*0.5 x height-20

Branching structure with variable lengths.

L-system Sketch

Algae angle 12, line length 1, starting 75 x height-50

Algae or a fern or something.

L-system Sketch


A bush, of sorts.

Made using Cinder

OmniFocus Entry from GitHub Ticket

On my team we use GitHub for our ticket tracking system as well as our version control. I’m also a heavy user of OmniFocus for to-do management across all areas of my life. Given that combination, it’s probably not surprising to hear that I very often find myself making an OmniFocus task from a GitHub ticket.

So I wrote up a quick little AppleScript to do the job for me. It makes a new OmniFocus inbox entry from a GitHub ticket you are viewing in Safari.

Once again, I’m using FastScripts to kick off the script while viewing a ticket page in Safari. An item (with a link to the original ticket) shows up in my OmniFocus inbox. From there I can then convert it into a project and organize it however I see fit.

This script performs a pretty simple task, but running it several times a day the savings add up.

A Listener Tutorial from New American Public Art

The good gentlemen over at New American Public Art have produced an excellent maker tutorial based on our Listener project.


LISTENER – An Outdoor Weather Proof Audio Responsive LED Installation – Maker Tutorial

If a tutorial isn’t your thing, you can also just check out this great video of people screaming.


I recently worked with my friends Dan Sternof Beyer, Kawandeep Virdee, and Bevan Weissman of New American Public Art (NAPA), and Karen Stein Shanley of goodgood on a public art piece called Listener.

Listener is an interactive light installation that responds to the ambient and intentional sounds around it, transforming static space into a dynamic public place. You can see it for the next couple months on the Fort Point Channel Harborwalk between Congress Street and Northern Avenue. It’s outside of the Boston Children’s Museum, right next to the giant milk bottle.

Check out this quick video showing Listener in action:

You can also check out photos of our construction process over on the NAPA blog.

Urban Screens: George Fifield at TEDxBoston

In this interesting TEDx video, Boston Cyberarts’ George Fifield discusses video screens at the Boston Convention Center and the Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion. He links these to a broader trend in art on public screens worldwide and what this all means for the future of public art.

“This is the new public art. Not bronze statues of dead white guys or static plop art, but dynamic media art that reflects the city and the time we live in, and give the energy of the city back to us.”

Art on the Marquee on WGBH

Excerpt from WGBH’s Greater Boston.

Building Boston documentation video

I shot some documentation of my Building Boston video, currently playing on the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center marquee screens as part of the Art on the Marquee series.

These screens are so funky and multi-faceted that it’s interesting trying to capture them on video. If you are in the area, come down and see it in person–it’s definitely an experience.

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