OmniFocus Entry from GitHub Ticket

On my team we use GitHub for our ticket tracking system as well as our version control. I’m also a heavy user of OmniFocus for to-do management across all areas of my life. Given that combination, it’s probably not surprising to hear that I very often find myself making an OmniFocus task from a GitHub ticket.

So I wrote up a quick little AppleScript to do the job for me. It makes a new OmniFocus inbox entry from a GitHub ticket you are viewing in Safari.

Once again, I’m using FastScripts to kick off the script while viewing a ticket page in Safari. An item (with a link to the original ticket) shows up in my OmniFocus inbox. From there I can then convert it into a project and organize it however I see fit.

This script performs a pretty simple task, but running it several times a day the savings add up.

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