Lighthouse Video

I’ve been spending the past few months on a public art installation with my friends at goodgood and New American Public Art called “Lighthouse”. The piece will have several components: an internally lit sculpture on a roof, colored light projections from the sculpture down onto the ground, and generative video on a couple very large, very low resolution video screens.

The screens are very interesting. They are approximately 10′ wide by 8′ tall, and are just above the ground on walls that you can walk right up to. But they are only 64×48 pixels, meaning each pixel is a large glowing set of 3 LEDs. They are quite interesting to experience, and a bit of a challenge to create videos for.

Here’s a snapshot of my animation. It’s been processed to mimic the appearance when running on the low resolution screens.

If you’re in the Boston area, Lighthouse will be up for a few months starting on New Year’s Eve.

Matthew Shanley

Matthew Shanley

Sound / video / computer artist and software developer.
Boston, MA